MISP Training - Threat Intelligence - Extension and API hands-on

Threat Intelligence - Extension and API hands-on

Date: Tuesday, 27. March 2018 02:00 until Tuesday, 27. March 2018 02:00
Room: EternalBlue
Language: EN

In a continuous effort since 2016, CIRCL frequently gives training sessions about MISP (Malware Information Sharing Platform & Threat Sharing). The purpose is to reach out to security analysts using MISP as a threat intelligence platform along with users using it as an information sharing platform. This is an opportunity for the users to meet the developers and exchange about potential improvements or use-cases using MISP as a threat-intelligence platform.

The MISP training will demonstrate how the platform functions; explain how to share, comment and contribute data, and describe the future developments. This part of the training focuses on the extension aspects of MISP including API, ZMQ or even contributing in the core software. The audience intended for this training are the analysts with some software engineering experience who are willing to expand MISP to suit their integration or extension requirements.

The training is free but there is a no-show fee of 30,- EUR if you register and don’t join us at the training.

More information about MISP: https://www.circl.lu/services/misp-malware-information-sharing-platform/

About the MISP project: https://www.misp-project.org


For more information: https://www.circl.lu/services/misp-training-materials/

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