Room#42 experience and cyber crisis management training

part of the C3 Training Week

Date: Monday, 19. March 2018 09:30 until Monday, 19. March 2018 16:00
Room: Room#42
Language: EN
Service Details:
    Target audience: Managers, risk manager, employees
    Duration: 6 hours
    Level: Basic
    Price: 1000 € (per person)
         (all prices are understood VAT excluded)

Training info

Room#42 is the highlight of the Cybersecurity Competence Center. It is the first cyber crisis simulation game, made in Luxembourg.

This unique concept allows participants to be completely immersed in a cyberattack simulation. The way the players interact and behave is being followed by the “game master”, who will adjust the flow of the “serious game” accordingly. Good decisions will be rewarded and poor decisions penalised.

In addition to the Room#42 simulation in the morning, the afternoon session is focusing on awareness raising and good practices in cyber crisis management.

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